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… Greater than the sum of its parts

At Laurel Computer, we often hear from a prospect client that their business just needs a new website.
What we’ve come to understand though, is that what they need to kick their business up a notch isn’t limited to just the website itself.

Because your online presence is more than just the website.

It’s your online store or e-commerce solution; it’s your email and newsletter drip campaign strategy; it’s your SMS integration; it’s your web-based appointments; it’s your online gift certificates; it’s your Wifi portal and email capture…

It’s all the platforms you need to integrate with your website to reach your clients.

If all you have is a hammer …

At Laurel Computer, we work with more than just one CMS, more than one ecommerce backend, more than one newsletter system, more than one database. (You get the picture.)

The magic (our magic) is finding the right tool, the right integration solutions for your particular website, so that we can grow your website to be your online business platform.