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Your website is more than just pretty pictures. It’s how you show up to the world.

At Laurel Computer, we partner with a diverse array of talented, visual designers, writers, and graphics professionals, so that your website not only “looks good”, but also functions consistently well.

We see it like this: your website should work FOR you, so we’ll do whatever we can to make sure it’s supporting you and your business appropriately.

When we talk about “web development”, here’s what we’re capable of creating for you:

  1. Programs that run on the web server which include your website, e-commerce, PHP, or server scripts.
  2. The database that holds the critical information that power your website’s interactive features.
  3. “Client side” applications that display and interact with your customer; so, think of that as what’s in your browser: html, css, JavaScript, multimedia files, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are more than comfortable and capable of working on all areas of this “stack”. Truth be told, on a typical day, we bounce between all three.

So, what does all that mean for you, our client?

When your website needs anything – and we mean anything – we’ve got your back. You call one number for any and all of your website’s needs. Because the team that built and knows your website, can solve anything it’s struggling with which means you’ll have a faster solutions to your needs and there’s no loss of information between problem and solution. (Translation: No game of telephone.)

The Nitty Gritty:

Laurel Computer can set up and consistently maintain your:

  • WordPress or Joomla or other CMS
  • E-commerce store or e-commerce integration for your CMS
  • Registration forms and reporting needs

Laurel Computer can create:

  • All web services and integrations capable of interacting with other systems
  • Analytics and reporting for how your clients are using the site
  • Set up services with other systems and integrate into the website (Good examples: HIPAA compliant registration forms, online ordering and payment, etc.)