At Laurel Computer, we are talented, professional business technology consultants. We listen. We ask good questions. We identify your needs first – whether they’re spoken or assumed – and then we present smart solutions.

These solutions are not always technical. We appreciate that sometimes the problem is with the business process – neither the website or mobile application nor just the technical system. Usually, the opportunity to improve exists in a combination of all three.

Good news for you: We specialize in all three.    Keep on reading!


Your website is more than just pretty pictures. It’s how you show up to the world.

Your website should work FOR you, supporting your business appropriately.


A mobile app can engage and empower your customers more strategically than just your website.

It’s advertising for YOU.


Because your online presence is more than just the website.

It’s all the platforms you need to integrate with your website to reach your clients.


I listen to you before I ask questions. Over the years, clients have told me that I ask good, insightful questions. (I think this comes from listening to hundreds of hours of interviews from my manufacturing and production software days.)

When I ask you questions, I’m looking to do deeper work than just spot problems; I want to begin the process of identifying solutions.

I balance the conceptual with the logistical. I often think about the “iron triangle” of project management – quality, cost, and speed. I know those to be overarching concepts that are critical to your business deliverables, so I believe in balancing those with how we can make something work best for you and your business.

You and I are working together to build you a system, platform, or app that works. I see our working relationship as a collaboration, a partnership driven not simply to build you a system, platform, website, or app that functions, but, more importantly, a system, platform, website, or app that fully supports, inspires, and invigorates you and your business.

Together, we will analyze your business needs and opportunities to craft a unique experience for your customer that both delights and empowers.

The early bird catches the worm. Where my Laurel Computer team and I add the most value is when we are brought into the discussion early. We’re strongest when we can help our clients explore not only what solutions they think that they need, but also examine the business issues behind the problem. I believe that a strong, helpful question posed early in the process will completely reshape the issue.


With over 20 years of experience in application development and database design, software developer and Laurel Computer’s Principal Consultant, Steve Sutton, consistently delivers high-quality, distinctive work that creates value.

Sutton’s deep knowledge and expertise with all stages of software development lifecycle partnered with his strong design, analytical, and communication skills allow him to serve and collaborate with clients. He has worked with small businesses to large design firms not only to spear-head new, strategic development efforts, but also to complete full systems integration.

“Steve has been a tremendous help to me and my business,” says one client. “His in-depth programming knowledge adds great value. Plus, he’s always tried to answer and help me to solve my website problems quickly.”
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