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We aren’t talking portable Spinach and Artichoke dip here. (Thought that sounds like a great idea, right?)

A mobile app – whether it’s iOS, Android or even a Windows phone – can engage and empower your customers more strategically than just your website.

A mobile app is advertising for YOU — a pint-sized billboard on your customer’s phone or tablet that keeps your business top of mind. It can also help a customer to pick up where they left off in a way that mobile websites struggle to do.

Here’s how: Mobile apps work “offline” which means that they bring value to your customers when they’re away from cellular and Wifi coverage — and can help them save on their data minutes! Apps take advantage of the capabilities of that respective mobile device; they access the camera, photos, contacts, notifications, location/GPS, accelerometer, among other phone features.

Here’s why: Truth of the matter is that while some integration is possible through the website, your reach is further and stronger with a well-designed mobile app.

A mobile app makes the following services possible for you and your business:

  • Build an accurate, customized contact list or business directory that updates consistently and in real-time
  • Provides employees and technicians with installation instructions and references when they’re on the job site and off the grid
  • Register attendees for an event and send them updates to keep them well-informed on alerts or changes that might save them time, money, or energy
  • Provide an educational resource with quizzes, games and stories in line with your target focus
  • Create a branded platform that integrates content from your website and other sources